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      DIET-PC on the Efika Open Client

      By Paul A. Whittaker

      Last Update: 2 September 2007


      The Efika Open Client is powerdeveloper.org, which provides free hardware to Open Source developers in an attempt to boost popularity of PowerPC in the embedded marketplace. Before Efika, PowerDeveloper.org's focus was the Pegasos II, a more powerful but larger system.

      Despite the free hardware offer, I actually paid for my Ekifa Open Client. I mostly just wanted to satisfy my curiosity, and thought that the strings attached to offer would be too much of a nuisance.

      What's Right with Efika Open Client

      What's Wrong with Efika Open Client

      Things You Need to Know about DIET-PC on Efika

      This section is not finished.


      For your testing pleasure, I present the following DIET-PC images for Efika:


      In no particular order: